Our Story . Meet the Team

"A company that creates environments, that your company won't want to leave."   This newly established business has been prevailing slowing over the past several years. Principle designer, Amanda Archambault grew up in a rural scenic farm area of Social circle: a small town of roughly 4,500 people. Social circle is full of modern homesteaders, like her family. Amanda was raised around well known artist and designers with unique senses of style.

Her family has been the largest influential stamp on her design background. Amanda's father, Jim Archambault, is a world renown artisan blacksmith. Her mother, Sharon is a long-time acrylic painter and interior designer; and her brother, Nick is a furniture maker and artisan blacksmith. Amanda's interior design passion is because of her influences throughout her life. Having learned craftsmanship: Quality is far beyond quantity. Detail is important. Functionality is key. Aesthetics are everything. 

After attending and graduating from design school, she was an assistant designer for New Mood Design firm in Buford Georgia. She learned the means of business under designer Donna McLear. Before assistant designer, Amanda was an interior designer at Fabrics and furnishings in Conyers, Georgia. Working there, Amanda learned an abundance of knowledge about the construction of furniture and what makes a quality piece. She then realized her real desire was to own her own firm. The designer started her business part-time and Archambault Interiors became a full time establishment in 2015. Archambault interiors has been implementing exclusive designs in the Atlanta area over the past four years. We specialize in high-end luxury design with custom furnishings and fixtures.

Every piece should have a purpose in the making. We love the idea of our clients living in a space that creates an easier life for them. Your home is the first and last place you see everyday. It should be your own personalized sanctuary! Let us help you achieve that!